Welcome to Kuttainen lodge

A hidden gem in Swedish Lapland.

our lapland -our home


Kuttainen is a part of the untouched Swedish Lapland -
located on a very beautiful place between the mighty Muonio borderriver and the deep taiga.

Our mission is quality instead of quantity. 

We are transforming a former school into a new destination in Lapland!

We have diffirent types of rooms and we will help you to find the best solution for your Lapland-stay!

If you are interested to hire apartments for longer stay, please contact us! 



With miles of untouched wilderness around the corner, you get the greatest possibilities to explore the real Lapland.

We offer personalized, genuines and highquality guided tours. Let us know what kind of experiences you are intrested in and let us help you to make your Lapland-stay unforgettable!

winter in Lapland Reindeertours Lapland

guided tours -summerseason


    Swedish Lapland is a area full of minerals! Learn how to pan for gold in a stream in the middle of the forest. Snacks and drinks are included. 3 hours.

    1-4 persons 195 Euro

  • hiking for sheeps

    We cross the river and go hiking on the beautiful island Isosaari. Here the sheep graze all summer, we visit them, we are grilling and having a wonderful time in nature. 3 hours.

    1-4 persons 195 Euro

  • Fishing 1

    This tour is for beginners, for kids and for you that want to fish on a simply way. Fishingtools included. 1 hour. 

    Price per person 20 Euro. Kids 15 Euro.  

  • Fishing 2

    Go fishing with a pro and explore the amazing fishingwaters around Kuttainen! For prices and more information, visit the fishingguide Niko´s homepage.


  • Barbeque in midnightsun

    Let´s go barbeque! We make fire on a very beutiful and calm place, enjoying the bright evening and eating good food. 3 hours

    Price with own food: 45 Euro/Person

    Price with served food. 80 Euro/Person

fishing in Lapland
we love traditional northern


Lapland food

Food is a important part of life and few things in life are as same amazing as really good food.

We want you to explore the tastes of Lapland. We use local ingredients and cook our food from scratch. For example; we grow our own potatoes, fish our own fishes, bakes our own bread and we pick our own berries. In this way we know that the food is of highest quality.

How and with who you eat is also important. Bring the persons you love and let us serve you the best Lapland-menu at exciting and beautiful places!

More information about our restaurant and our menu is upcoming!

order breakfast or dinner and

Make your stay more tasty


Our breakfast is a smaller buffet. Buffet is always including Bread, Butter, Marmalade, Jam, Ham, Salami, Cucumber, Paprika, Boiled Egg, Yoghurt, Muesli, Grits, Seeds, Raisin, Juice, Tea ond Coffee.

Sometimes there is more, but never less.

You can also come up with your own wishes about how you want your breakfast - we will try to customize your breakfast so it suit you! 

Price 120kr/person/day


Our restaurant has not opened yet. 

We are happy if you prefer to cook your own food in the common kitchen. 

There is also possibilities for catering, especially for you who are a larger group. Contact us if you have questions about dinner - we will find tasty solutions for you!

Grilling outdoor

All food tastes better outdoor!

Do you want to know what is typical for us as inhabitants to grill? Do you want to try out some Lappish dishes?

We can either; - Make dinner for you in the grillhut. 

-Pack a food-basket that you cook by yourself 

Do you want us to contact you?

Are you planning for a trip to Lapland? Let us know your expectations and your wishes, we will help you to make your dreams come true!
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Contact us!

You find our rooms at booking.com and AirBnB. Contact us if you want a longer stay, if you are a bigger group or if you want to hire a bigger apartment!


  • Check out lightpollutionmap.info to see the great location of Kuttainen is and read more about dark skies!

Kuttainen Strandvägen 33, 986 91 Karesuando 

004673 8029208


 Always open.


Doubleroom with bathroom

This is a bigger room - around 30 squaremeters. It has two singel beds, two armchairs, table and chairs, two toilets and shower. 

doubleroom with shared toilet

This rooms are cozy and airy. All rooms has two single-beds 
big and airy


This apartment is around 100 squaremeters. Its epiquipped with all you need for a relaxing stay. Kitchen, livingroom, 2 toilets, shower, 2 bedrooms. There is dishwasher, washing machine, drying cabinet, ventilation, soundproof cealing and a own balcony. 
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